Our fellow Lea Valley Heritage Alliance member, The Royal Gunpowder Mills, is presenting a lecture on Wednesday, 21st February at 7PM about the development of the modern gun, from its medieval origins through to the present day.

The Mills have put out the following statement giving further information about the evening:

“This is the first in a series of talks bringing you the story behind the exhibits in our armoury with Royal Gunpowder Mills volunteers sharing their knowledge, using examples of historic weapons to bring history alive. Join us on a whistle-stop journey through the development of the gun, at the end of which you will know an AK from an arquebus, a Maxim from a matchlock and a Derringer from a duelling pistol.”

You can book a free ticket to the event from Eventbrite If you want to go along, why not also visit us and learn about the Royal Small Arms Factory’s contributions to the development of modern small arms?